How to choose a domain name?

Want to start a website? Not a bad idea :)

So in the last episode we learnt what is a domain name. So now continuing further,we will learn the basics of buying a domain name. There are many domain extentions such as ".com",".gov",".net",".org" . They are just extentions showing what your website is basically for. For example ".gov" represents a governmental body's website(this domain extention is not available for public). An example of a .gov website is White House's website.

So the question arises,what domain name should I choose and what extention is best. If you are here to make website for commercial purpose then make it witg a .com or .net. You can also try .info(cheap) but if you can get,then get a .com domain name,it is best.

So before selecting the name you should consider what your business is all about. For eg you want to make a website selling chairs,then you can choose a name like "" here "xxxxx" can be your brand's name. The name of your website is very important and it must have the keyword for the product you wanna sell from the website. This thing doesn't apply when talking about some big players but they have their brand recognition so come back to earth and think of a good keyword. So let us take another example,for example if you sell vitamin products then you may use "xxxxxvitaminsuppliers". Website having upto three or maximum four words work great.

The domain name plays important role in bringing traffic from the search engines such as google,bing,yahoo. For this purpose you have to do SEO which we will discuss later. So coming back to topic,if you want to start a mobile website then ".mobi" maybe a good deal.

Best of luck in choosing your domain.

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