What is a domain name?

Let's start from basics first.
Daily thousands of new people get introduced to internet. They don't know what internet is all about. I will keep my posts simple and silly by thinking that you are one of those newbies(you're not, I know).

The most basic website a beginner is most likely to fell in love with is google. So let's start with google. When you access internet you open a browser. And in the browser you enter "" ,it is called address bar. So the term "" is the domain name.
Domain name is nothing but a memorable name to access a website. For example you house has a name or particular house no. So domain name is nothing but actually a name by which your website will be opened on the internet.

In the coming posts we will guide you on how to choose a domain name,types of domain name,best domain name providers,make money by selling domain names and other useful things. So stay tuned.

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