Wordpress blog at just $30 for a year

Wanna create own wordpress blog?

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Then this customized post is for you. All you need is just $30 and you are good to go. Wordpress is a great blogging platform and you can make a very good website with this platform.

There are many webhosting programs that gives webhosting but the prices they charge are out of the reach of a newbie. But in this post we will help you make a website for less than $30 .

To get a domain name you have to go to 1&1 which offers domain name at just $3.99 for the first year(not bad at all). So after domain name you need hosting where you will install wordpress. Bigrock is a web hosting provider and they offer quality webhosting at cheaper rates. The webhosting at bigrock just costs $1.99 /month. They offer 10GB space(not small for a newbie). Choose the starter plan from the list(click here to see the list)

So it is the time to do mathematics. The domain name comes at $4.00 and hosting at $2.00 per month. So it comes out that you are going to pay $4.00 for domain and $24.00 for webhosting so total is $28 !

So are you ready to go for it,here are the things you need:
  • Bigrock hosting

  • 1&1 domain
  • Monday

    What is web hosting?

    In the earlier posts I wrote about domain names but only domain name is not enough for website. You also need to get a web hosting where your website will live.

    Webhosting servers are nothing but a storage device with ability to store websites and access them from all across the world.

    Webhosting is costlier than domain name. There are many companies that offers hosting services,they will be reviewed one by one in our webhosting reviews.

    The website is nothing but a collection of files and hosting servers make it accessible from the internet. You have to check many things before purchasing webhosting for example the space available,bandwidth,server's downtime.


    Some other features you should get with your domain name

    Before planning to buy a domain name there are many important bonuses that you should look for. In this post I will be introducing you with those bonuses so that you can know them better and try to look for them when purchasing a domain name.

    Email: It is pretty cool to have an email address with your domain name for example you own so your email id may look like "". There are a few companies that offer it for a few bucks per month while a few offer for free as well. So you should check it with your company.

    Privacy : It is very important to choose between the fact that you want your info public or private. People can look at your info just by doing whois on your domain name and all your info will be in their hands. If you want to start a real business that sell services and involves transactions of money then you should not hide yourself,this will increase trust. But if you are just starting a blog then you may choose to remain private or public. This service may cost a few bucks or may be free.

    Domain forwarding : Domain forwarding is nothing but just put a mask on the url. For example you have affiliate link then you can mask it under your name and people will think that it is your website.

    In the coming posts we will be introducing new features. Stay tuned.

    Greengeek's VPS servers

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    There are many programs available in the market,so why choose Greengeeks?
    There are many reasons that make them separate from the crowd. They offer unlimited bandwidth,storage,99% uptime,24/7 support and most important(the reason why I am writing about them) is that they are environment friendly.

    If you are looking for a VPS service Greengeeks are your way to go.

    Get .com and .org domains just at $3.99

    Want to buy a domain?
    But in problem due to the high prices($10 is somewhat high for beginners).
    There is a solution available. 1&1 is offering domains at just $3.99 and it is a smarter choice than the godaddy's offer in many aspects.

    All 1&1 Domains
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  • So you saw that it have so many advantages,so what are you thinking about. You can get your domain name(.com,.org) at just $3.99 for first year and thereafter at regular rates. If you have any domain name in your mind then search it here and buy it immediately before the offer expires:

    Get domain name at just $7.99

    Godaddy is a well known domain registrar. They offer many incentives every month. This time they are offering .com domains at just $7.99 that is more than 20% off. They have many additional features that come with the domain name.

    If you want to check out the $7.99 offer you can buy a domain name from here(my referral link,but offer is not publicly available without referral link). You can buy the domain name which comes with various features.

    If you want to get hosting with hostgator you can get the first month at just $0.01,yes at just $0.01 just use the coupon code "DNHPROMOCODE".

    If you need any help while setting the domain and hosting,you can always place a comment.


    Where to buy domain name?

    Domain names aren't a grocery item which everyone can start selling. There are a few icann registered companies that can register the domains.

    Before choosing a company to get your domain registered you need to check the price but not just limit yourself with the price,their are many other features than just price. The most importan feature is a SSL certificate. If you want to start a store or a website that process some confidential information then this feature is most important. It makes the users trust your brand and they can easily take out credit cards out of their wallets.

    Their are many companies out there that offers what you want. In the coming posts we will review them one by one for you so that you can choose what you want and buy them from there.

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    How to choose a domain name?

    Want to start a website? Not a bad idea :)

    So in the last episode we learnt what is a domain name. So now continuing further,we will learn the basics of buying a domain name. There are many domain extentions such as ".com",".gov",".net",".org" . They are just extentions showing what your website is basically for. For example ".gov" represents a governmental body's website(this domain extention is not available for public). An example of a .gov website is White House's website.

    So the question arises,what domain name should I choose and what extention is best. If you are here to make website for commercial purpose then make it witg a .com or .net. You can also try .info(cheap) but if you can get,then get a .com domain name,it is best.

    So before selecting the name you should consider what your business is all about. For eg you want to make a website selling chairs,then you can choose a name like "" here "xxxxx" can be your brand's name. The name of your website is very important and it must have the keyword for the product you wanna sell from the website. This thing doesn't apply when talking about some big players but they have their brand recognition so come back to earth and think of a good keyword. So let us take another example,for example if you sell vitamin products then you may use "xxxxxvitaminsuppliers". Website having upto three or maximum four words work great.

    The domain name plays important role in bringing traffic from the search engines such as google,bing,yahoo. For this purpose you have to do SEO which we will discuss later. So coming back to topic,if you want to start a mobile website then ".mobi" maybe a good deal.

    Best of luck in choosing your domain.


    What is a domain name?

    Let's start from basics first.
    Daily thousands of new people get introduced to internet. They don't know what internet is all about. I will keep my posts simple and silly by thinking that you are one of those newbies(you're not, I know).

    The most basic website a beginner is most likely to fell in love with is google. So let's start with google. When you access internet you open a browser. And in the browser you enter "" ,it is called address bar. So the term "" is the domain name.
    Domain name is nothing but a memorable name to access a website. For example you house has a name or particular house no. So domain name is nothing but actually a name by which your website will be opened on the internet.

    In the coming posts we will guide you on how to choose a domain name,types of domain name,best domain name providers,make money by selling domain names and other useful things. So stay tuned.

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