Some other features you should get with your domain name

Before planning to buy a domain name there are many important bonuses that you should look for. In this post I will be introducing you with those bonuses so that you can know them better and try to look for them when purchasing a domain name.

Email: It is pretty cool to have an email address with your domain name for example you own so your email id may look like "". There are a few companies that offer it for a few bucks per month while a few offer for free as well. So you should check it with your company.

Privacy : It is very important to choose between the fact that you want your info public or private. People can look at your info just by doing whois on your domain name and all your info will be in their hands. If you want to start a real business that sell services and involves transactions of money then you should not hide yourself,this will increase trust. But if you are just starting a blog then you may choose to remain private or public. This service may cost a few bucks or may be free.

Domain forwarding : Domain forwarding is nothing but just put a mask on the url. For example you have affiliate link then you can mask it under your name and people will think that it is your website.

In the coming posts we will be introducing new features. Stay tuned.

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