Wordpress blog at just $30 for a year

Wanna create own wordpress blog?

And make money online!

Then this customized post is for you. All you need is just $30 and you are good to go. Wordpress is a great blogging platform and you can make a very good website with this platform.

There are many webhosting programs that gives webhosting but the prices they charge are out of the reach of a newbie. But in this post we will help you make a website for less than $30 .

To get a domain name you have to go to 1&1 which offers domain name at just $3.99 for the first year(not bad at all). So after domain name you need hosting where you will install wordpress. Bigrock is a web hosting provider and they offer quality webhosting at cheaper rates. The webhosting at bigrock just costs $1.99 /month. They offer 10GB space(not small for a newbie). Choose the starter plan from the list(click here to see the list)

So it is the time to do mathematics. The domain name comes at $4.00 and hosting at $2.00 per month. So it comes out that you are going to pay $4.00 for domain and $24.00 for webhosting so total is $28 !

So are you ready to go for it,here are the things you need:
  • Bigrock hosting

  • 1&1 domain
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